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    Texas Trivia Tuesday
  • Tuesday August 26, 2014

    Space...the final frontier. Yeah, it is. Of course, last week, I went into space by introducing folks to a Texan many folks didn't realize wasRobert Crippen

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  • Ice Cream and a Mug Shot for Perry
  • Wednesday August 20, 2014

    Gov. Rick Perry and his booking on two felony counts late Tuesday afternoon captured national attention — on social media, most of all. A screenshot

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  • Texas Trivia Tuesday
  • Tuesday August 19, 2014

    Some call it Trekkie. Some call it Trekker. I call it "Yes I am." Whether it's The Original Series with Kirk and the gang, TheMichael Dorn

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  • Sunday Sermon
  • Sunday August 17, 2014

    There's something that bothers me. It's the way some people use the Bible to justify the continuation of sin. They like to tell us to

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  • Sunday Sermon
  • Sunday August 10, 2014

    Today's Sunday Sermon is a bit different. As my friends on Facebook know, I've been recounting daily memories of my grandpa leading up to his

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